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CC Novel Cover.jpg The following is based on the spin off novel by Keith R. A. DeCandido and might contradict canon.

The 22nd Infantry Division is GDI's premier infantry division in the Tiberium Wars novel.


Under the Command of Battle Commander Michael McNeil, the division participates in actions in San Diego, Portugal, Madagascar, and Australia. Being the premier unit of GDI, the 22nd is often first to test out several new combat technologies before being produced for regular use.


  • Battalion 1: Armour Battalion, responsible for operating Predator and Mammoth tanks.
  • Battalion 2: Infantry Battalion.
  • Battalion 3: Air support unit operating Orcas and AC222 Makos. Battalion 3 was also responsible for operating Cranes, and aiding in construction.
  • Battalion 4: Infantry units, including Rifleman Squads and Sniper teams. Occasionally supported by Juggernauts and armour from local GDI forces.

G10 Bull Armoured Personnel Carrier

Appearing in the latter stages of the Third Tiberium War, the G10 Bull APC was a new unit tested out by the 22nd Infantry Division. It's most notable difference from the Guardian APC was the portholes were designed to allow infantry to operate the EW1 from within the unit. It saw limited use during the conflict, and was used only at the last battle of the war.

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