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For other uses, see Armored personnel carrier.

The surprise is inside
- A.P.C. when deployed

The Armored Personnel Carrier is an epic GDI unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The humble GDI A.P.C. Mk III is not the most flashy unit in the GDI arsenal, but its advanced crew safety systems make it a favorite of GDI infantry units across the globe. GDI Missile Squads transported by the A.P.C. routinely survive the destruction of the vehicle and continue fighting in its place.


Game unit[]

A.P.C. is an anti-infantry and anti-air vehicle that provides a special kind of staying power. It has good enough health to withstand prolonged anti-armor assault from Scorpion tank. Even if through perseverance the A.P.C. is destroyed, it leaves a Missile squad in it's place, which usually is a good counter to whatever unit took down the A.P.C. This ability makes A.P.C. especially useful at holding pads.

The attack power of A.P.C. is only marginally better than that of Rhino, so being a mid-game unit, it won't be able to clear out the pads quickly.

The main weakness of the A.P.C. is its price and movement speed. It means that on it's own it won't be able to push into the pads and relies on other units to clear out the way. Once established, it is best removed by combined arms, like one or more medium anti-armor units (e.g. Predator or Scorpion tanks) to break up the vehicle, immediately followed by an anti-infantry infantry (e.g. Riflemen or Militants).[2]


Lt Suzaku
Riflemen Missile Squad Pitbull A.P.C. Drone Swarm Orca

Strongarm can be replaced with Liang, Drone Swarm with Talon and Orca with Mohawk gunship.[3]

Riflemen Missile Squad War Dogs Slingshot M.L.R.S. A.P.C.
Riflemen Jump Jet Troopers War Dogs Pitbull A.P.C. Talon
James Solomon  
Riflemen Jump Jet Troopers War Dogs Pitbull Slingshot A.P.C.


  • 2018-10-16: Speed reduced to 3.95 (was 5.9)
  • 2018-11-28: Speed increased to 4.5 (was 3.9)
  • 2019-02-06:
    • Damage to Aircraft increased to 90 (was 80)
    • Damage to Infantry increased to 90 (was 80)
    • Attack Speed increased to 0.85s (was 0.9s)
  • 2019-06-05: Health decreased to 3300 (was 3500)
  • 2019-07-02: Hitbox adjusted to allow APC to capture hexes more easily
  • 2021-06-09:
    • Tiberium cost increased to 90 (was 80)
    • Vehicle damage reduced to 45 (was 65)


When created[]

  • A.P.C. ready to roll out!
  • A.P.C., the surprise is inside
  • A.P.C. ready to rollll

When selected[]

  • A.P.C. ready to deliver!
  • Armored transport here
  • A.P.C. standing by
  • Coming in clear, commander

When moving[]

  • Moving the prize
  • Let's park it there
  • A.P.C. rolling out
  • Transport en route
  • Let's do it!

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • A.P.C., hard as nails
  • Let's see what they won!
  • Hit and run!

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • Delivering the goods
  • Package on its way
  • Stand by for assault

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

  • This might be a short trip
  • We might need to bail
  • This ride may soon be over

When unable to attack target[]

  • We can't hit that target
  • That's a negative, sir
  • Sorry, not gonna happen

When attacking[]

  • Running them down!
  • It's what's inside that counts!
  • Find my chewy center!

When under attack[]

  • Get ready to bail!
  • Seat belts off, everyone!
  • Hang on back there!

When crashing[]

  • Surprise!
  • Bail!


Behind the scenes[]

The A.P.C. is our first attempt at a high HP, low DPS unit that is primarily useful for holding points. The Missile Squad it spawns upon death means it’s very challenging to remove the A.P.C. completely from the map.
- MrBlack


  • Has a game show host personality. Male.
  • The APC was added to the game post-launch in September 2018.[4]


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