A Grand Gesture

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A Grand Gesture
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The destruction of GDI's Tiberium Facility was something no mortal was meant to see
Previous Persuade Him
Next Keys to the Kingdom
Part of Second Nod Reunification War
Date(s) 2034
Location Australia

Black Hand victory

  • GDI research facility destroyed
  • Brotherhood of Nod reunited under Kane's banner
  • Much of Australia contaminated into a Red Zone
Destroy the Liquid Tiberium research facility
Defeat the Black Hand
Standard Black Hand arsenal
Standard Steel Talons arsenal
The Black Hand has generously chosen to share not only their arms, but also their intelligence. We have the location of GDI's secret Tiberium research facility. If these experiments were to be... "destabilized", the result will be a conflagration on a scale never before imagined, and a sign to the faithful, that NOD HAS ARISEN ONCE MORE!!!
- Kane, authorizing Operation "A Grand Gesture"

The fourth mission of Kane's Wrath entails Kane's Grand Gesture, a raid by the Black Hand against a Tiberium research facility in Australia defended by the Steel Talons.[1]


After bringing the Black Hand back into the fold and gaining access to their intelligence network, Kane learned of the facility's existence and ordered LEGION to destroy it. By destabilizing their experiments and destroying the facility, Kane hoped that the raid would rally the various splinter factions of Nod to his side and make the Brotherhood a unified and powerful force once more.

The Black Hand has already deployed a large base near the research facility by the time LEGION arrived, and already, fighting had broken out between the two sides with hundreds of men and dozens of vehicles already destroyed.


The Black Hand base came under heavy assault from GDI's Steel Talons division but under LEGION's command it held off every attempt. To bolster its forces, LEGION had Saboteurs capture the many Purifier husks left behind from the ongoing battle and repaired them for combat.

The Liquid Tiberium research facility was heavily protected by the Steel Talons division but its economy was fuelled by the harvesting operations outside of the facility's perimeter. LEGION's Purifiers burned the harvesting base to the ground and stormed into the facility base itself. LEGION chose to destroy the research facility first rather than engage with the Steel Talons, and the Black Hand destroyed it. This resulted in the facility to explode in a huge green cataclysmic light.


The Prophet will protect us!
- A zealous Black Hand member, moments before being vaporized by the liquid Tiberium detonation.

The detonation of the Tiberium being experimented upon by GDI caused a chain-reaction in the surrounding landscape, consuming the area in a massive explosion and killing everyone still present on both sides. Even worse, the explosion had the effect of spreading radioactive fallout and Tiberium particles all over the region, accelerating the process of Tiberium contamination. Kane's grand gesture was successful, though tens of thousands lay dead in the immediate blast area alone because of it.

Kane's "grand gesture" reduced much of central Australia to a Red Zone, proving to the downtrodden masses that GDI was not all powerful, that it was worth joining Nod to fight once more, and so rebuild Kane's army. Moreover, the secretive nature of the facility left the blast a mystery to much of the civilian population, and public anger was roused with the displacement and death of millions of people on the continent, leading to something of a scandal. GDI authorities thought the attack was nothing but an accident at the facility. The explosion was in fact so powerful that the damage it caused would not be exceeded until the detonation of the Liquid Tiberium Bomb at the end of the Siege of Temple Prime during the Third Tiberium War.


LEGION enters the field with a small force. As the base is being built up, Steel Talons will attack you constantly. Ensure that when recovering the purifiers, your saboteurs are well protected. Build up your base, make an army. Then you have a choice to take out the power or just siege the facility. You can use your Purifiers completely to finish the mission. Once the facility is destroyed, the lab will explode, possibly result of a Tiberium experiment. Then, you will lose the units that you used to destroy the lab.

Valuable assets

There are two Tiberium spikes north of your base. You can capture those for additional resources. Be sure to defend them however.


Act I ending cutscene


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