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The Black Hand has generously chosen to share not only their arms, but also their intelligence. We have the location of GDI's secret Tiberium research facility. If these experiments were to be... "destabilized", the result will be a conflagration on a scale never before imagined, and a sign to the faithful, that Nod has arisen once more!
- Kane

The fourth mission of Kane's Wrath entails Kane's Grand Gesture, a raid by the Black Hand against a Tiberium research facility in Australia defended by the Steel Talons.[1]


After his capture, Marcion quickly repented after seeing Kane alive and well. Meanwhile, Kane somehow faked a video of Marcion recanting his beliefs in front of the Black Hand. Kane then remarked that many of his followers are too afraid, believing GDI to be invincible, and that they required "a grand gesture" to rally Nod followers worldwide. He took off his cybernetic mask in front of Marcion, revealing that his face has now completely healed.

Having gained access to the Black Hand's intelligence, Kane learned that GDI maintained a Institute for Tiberium Research somewhere in Central Australia, which had been experimenting with liquid Tiberium.[2][3] Knowing the volatile nature of liquid Tiberium, Kane ordered the mysterious Nod commander to destabilize GDI's liquid Tiberium experiments, which would create a "conflagration on a scale never before imagined", signalling Nod followers worldwide that the Brotherhood has returned.

The Black Hand forces led by the Nod commander broke through GDI's defenses and destroyed the Tiberium research lab, causing a massive liquid Tiberium explosion, killing everyone in the vicinity and turning much of Central Australia into a Red Zone in one of the worst ecological disasters since the Tiber river incident. Apparently in an attempt to deflect blame, the Steel Talons Commander insisted to his superiors that the lab's destruction was not caused by Nod before he was apaprently killed by another explosion.

Pleased with this outcome, Kane informed the Nod commander that Nod followers worldwide have been inspired to fight back against GDI, but it was not yet their time. At this point, it is finally revealed that the Nod commander was not human, but an AI similar to CABAL. Kane then told the AI that it needed to sleep, shutting it down.

New units[]


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

Your initial position will quickly be attacked by Orcas, Wolverines, Titans, Pitbulls, as well as missile squads. Quickly build two Hands of Nod and produce saboteurs to recover the Purifier husks. Without them, it will be almost impossible for you to survive the first waves of attacks.

After you recover the Purifiers, quickly have them return to your base and build a war factory to repair them. Once you build a Shredder turret to cover the southeastern edge of your base from missile squads and some SAM turrets to defend against any Orcas, your base should be secure.

There is a blue Tiberium field and two Tiberium spikes to the north. You may expand there to boost your economy. Once you have enough funds, build up a force consisting of anti-air units (attack bikes, raider buggies, or the new Mantises), flame tanks, and Purifiers. Head for the southeastern edge of the map, as marked by the secondary objective to destroy the Steel Talons power supply. There, you will find a large number of barely defended GDI power plants. Burn them down.

After destroying all power plants, the Tiberium Research Institute's base defenses will power down. Burn through them with your flame tanks and Purifiers, then destroy the Tiberium research lab to finish the mission.


Act I ending cutscene


  • Since Marcion was apparently brought before Kane immediately after he was captured, the video Kane showed him of him recanting his belief in front of the Black Hand was most likely faked. This would also explain Marcion's shocked expression upon seeing the video.
  • Unused text and voice files for this mission suggest that the player originally needed to evacuate the MCV before the liquid Tiberium detonation.


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