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Every day is community day!
- APOC's Battlecast Primetime signoff and motto

Aaron Kaufman, known to the C&C community as APOC (also known as Tiny Tank and Just Tank), was the Command & Conquer and Battle for Middle-Earth community manager between 2004 and 2010.

Working history

He was most noted for interacting with the community on forums and retrieving feedback from the players regarding games and patches. He was also highly involved in the process of making classic games like Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert 1, Tiberian Sun and Firestorm freeware.

He left EALA in February 2010, preceding the release of Tiberian Twilight. In his final message as the Command & Conquer community manager, he stated that he was neither fired nor forced out of the company, but willingly stepped down from his job. Following this event, Kaufman joined THQ as community manager for WWE and UFC licensed games. Some time before THQ closed its doors in late 2012, Kaufman moved to the Sony Computer Entertainment studio in Santa Monica, where he is currently in the position of senior online community strategist.

He was succeeded as a community manager by an unnamed successor, and later by Eric "CIRE" Krause.

Battlecast Primetime appearance

Between 2007 and 2010, Kaufman had his own section in the Battlecast Primetime show called APOC's Corner, where he covered new game patches, mods, tournaments and the community in general.

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