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Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Ace in the Hole is the title of an animatic for Generals 2, given to the eighteenth in its sequence. It is one of the nine animatics publicly released by CnCSaga in 2014.[1]


Kell wakes up to see himself locked in an interrogation room with Legrand. Legrand accuses Kell of a terrorist attack (likely of an event involving EU and APA leaders) without his knowledge, but Kell denies his involvement. He argued Legrand would have also easily blamed Zhao, who survived the attack.

Legrand hopes such an event would start an all-out war between the EU and the APA, and wants Kell to be his "ace in the hole" in winning such a war. Legrand then orders his guards to release Kell.



Kell wakes up tied to a chair in a darkened room, seeing Legrand in front of him.
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Why do you hold me prisoner?! Have I not honored our agreement?
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: Honor you say? You should have warned me that you are going to attack Pax Globus. I was supposed to be there!... or was that your intent?
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: I had not part in that.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: If it wasn't you and it wasn't me, then who was it?!
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: You were more than ready to blame Zhao.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: Don't be foolish, Zhao was lucky not to be killed in the blast. That was propping on the... the thrust, and opening to start a war. A war in which they, the APA, would appear to be the antagonists. A war that you will to help me win!
G2 Logo GLA.png Jarmen Kell: Am I your prisoner?
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: No Kell, you are my - how do you say? - my ace in the hole.
Legrand turns to his guards before leaving.
G2 Logo EU.png Pierre Legrand: Free him.


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