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Adaptive armour
KW Titan and Mammoth with Adaptive Upgrade
A Titan Mk. II and a Mammoth Mk. III refitted with adaptive armour

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Gives Titan Mk. II and Mammoth Mk. III units the Adaptive Armor ability. Upon activation, decreases damage taken from all sources by 30% and provides EMP immunity at the cost of 25% slower firing rate, and 15% slower movement speed.

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Adaptive armor was a Steel Talons-exclusive upgrade, developed by the Steel Talons experimental combat technology division shortly after the Firestorm Crisis.


It was normally retrofitted onto Titan Mk. II battle walkers and Mammoth 27 heavy tanks.

The armour was not a passive system. Upon activation it conferred greatly improved durability and immunity to EMP at the expense of the vehicle's rate of fire and mobility. This could be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation.

Game Effect

Once researched, Adaptive armor is an activatated ability that bestows outstanding defensive bonuses to Titan Mk. II battle walkers and Mammoth Mk. III heavy tanks, at the cost of substantially lower firing rates and slighty impaired mobility.

When activated, the armor system effectively reduces all incoming damage by 30% - equivalent to an approximate 43% boost to overall health (almost equivalent to the full heroic veterancy health bonus of 50%). This acts as a substantial boost to the Titan's already strong armor, but really shines when activated on Mammoth Tanks: whose massive health pool makes exceedingly good use of the ability—possessing resilience that puts even GDI's own Mammoth Tanks to shame.

The armor bonus is so substantial, that in a pitched battle between identical units - with and without the armor active, the armored variants often come out on top, even with the significant reduction to their rate of fire.

Adaptive Armor also importantly allows Titans and Mammoths to completely ignore the disabling effects of EMP: whose primary usage lies in disabling high-value units for ease in bringing them down. All these advantages combined with support from repair units available to the Steel Talons such as Mobile Repair Transports and Rigs make Steel Talons mechanized forces very difficult to destroy.

Adaptive armor may be used in conjunction with Railgun Accelerators to negate the slower firing rate. With this approach, the armor is able to partially mitigate the damage inflicted on the vehicle by the accelerator. Though in general, the armor should only be activated on units that are being focused down by the enemy, since railgun-equipped units with inactive armor benefit far more from the Accelerators, and their very limited active duration.



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