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Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Adela "Nitro" Baskova is a GLA general who was to appear in the cancelled Command & Conquer. She succeeds Rodall Juhziz as the Demolitions General of the Global Liberation Army.

Nitro prefers close-range attacks for her tactics to be effective. As such she will need to close the gap between her forces and enemies, giving her foes some time to prepare for her assault. This means that any enemy units with mid-range weapons (for example General Cleaver's railgun squad) will make it difficult for Nitro to attack. Once in range however, the results will decimate anything in a small area.


Born in a refugee camp on the Russian-Georgian border and orphaned soon after, Adela Baskova spent much of her young life begging on poverty stricken streets of Grozny. A chance encounter with a GLA bomb-maker led her in an entirely different direction; the terrorist took the young girl under his wing and trained her in the art of both making and placing high impact bombs. Following her mentor's death at the hands an EU special forces team, Adela crossed the border into Western Europe and launched a one woman campaign of explosive terrorism for over a year. Finally arrested and sentenced to death, Adela engineered her own escape using a series of improvised explosives and made contact with the local GLA terror cell. Today, she is the pre-eminent demolitions specialist within the terrorist organization, her skill, determination and toughness belying her small frame and quiet nature.



Base defenses[]

Support powers[]


  • You can pick the next bomb I use...
  • Everyone thinks I'm quiet. But just wait until you hear my bombs!
  • I've been on the run since I can remember... And I always survive!


  • Had the game been released, Nitro would have been the first female GLA member to have been introduced in the Generals series along with Muerta.


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