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Einstein: Herr Hitler!
Hitler: Ja. Was ist los? Ich habe keine Zeit hier rum zu stehen!
Einstein: Ja... ich verstehe...

- Einstein and Hitler's conversation(src)

Adolf Hitler was a veteran of the First World War. In the years following he developed an ideology based on anti-Semitism and the legendary destiny of the German nation. In 1923 he led a failed rising, the Beer Hall Putsch, against the German government and was imprisoned in Landsberg Castle. Hitler was released in late 1924 after serving a fraction of his sentence.

Hitler and the Nazi Party took over the German leadership in the early 1930s in the wake of economic and political chaos. Rearmament and aggressive foreign policy led to World War II. Germany was ultimately defeated and Hitler committed suicide in 1945, but not before ruining much of Europe.

In 1946, an American project involving time travel was reaching maturity. Albert Einstein used the project to travel back to 1924 and meet Hitler upon his release from prison. The scientist removed Hitler from the time line and in so doing hoped to avert the disastrous results of Hitler's ambitions. This proved to be a failure. The Second World War was refought, not against Nazi Germany, but against a strengthened Soviet Union.[1]

Thus proving that time travel, even with good intentions, can cause history to become worse.


  • Because of political concerns Hitler was cut out in the German version of the game, he was just mentioned when Einstein told his assistant that he was wiped out from the time.

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