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For the Renegade version, see Advanced guard tower (Renegade).

Advanced guard tower (AGT) is a GDI defensive structure in Tiberian Dawn.


Provides strong fortification against ground and air units. The Advanced Guard Tower (AGT) fires Tomahawk missiles at considerable range, but it requires power. Because of the AGT's long range, it cannot hit units that are directly adjacent to it. It is always wise to back up the AGT with another defense like the Guard Tower.
- Command & Conquer (1995) manual

The big brother of the basic guard tower, the AGT boasts a fully armored metal structure with an enclosed viewing platform, an array of communication antennas, and a supply of Tomahawk guided missiles capable of taking out both air and ground targets with ease.

Game building

The guard tower is GDI's answer to the Obelisk. It fires a pair of missiles per salvo, which have limited effectiveness against heavy vehicles, but are extremely deadly against light ones, infantry, and even aircraft. It's also very durable, making it a very effective area denial tool. Coupled with repairs and some support, it can stave off all but the heaviest of assaults.

For this reason, the AI with a Temple of Nod will prioritize the AGT for a nuclear strike over all other targets. The player can exploit this by building an AGT away from the base, so that the nukes fall away from critical targets. Sandbags allow for a cheap extension of the build radius.



DOS English Textless
TD DOS AdvGuardTower icon.png TD Advanced Guard Tower Icons.gif TD AdvGuardTower EU cameo.png

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