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Advanced articulators is an exclusive Traveler-59 upgrade which increases the speed of its infantry units. It is comparable to the Marked of Kane's Cybernetic legs.

While some units like the Ravagers get an amazing boost and become fast enough to outrun vehicles, other units like the Cultist barely seem to be affected. This upgrade is researched at the Stasis Chamber at a cost of $1000 and takes 0:30 to complete.


A Disintegrator rush is a popular strategy in Kane's Wrath multiplayer. Once the player builds a Portal, construction begins on the Stasis Chamber while several Disintegrator squads are being trained. When the Stasis Chamber is built, research of the upgrade begins as the Disintegrators move to the enemy's base, most often aimed at harvesters. After the upgrade is finished, the Stasis Chamber is usually sold to restore some of the lost credits, while the upgrade itself stays applied.

This strategy can catch the enemy off guard, but stalls the rushing player's economy.


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