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The advanced communications center is the GDI superior communications center in Tiberian Dawn.


It was externally distinguished from its more basic cousin by built-up transmitter arrays and an enlarged transmitter dish. Not immediately apparent was the enhancement of function; the advanced communications center held the equipment needed to interface with and call fire from the Ion Cannon.

Directing the ion cannon required a continuous link between the structure and satellite. If the ground station was disabled by a black out the ion cannon ceases repositioning until the uplink was re-established.

The advanced communications center also relayed targeting data to the Ion Cannon from GS-2 beacons placed by front-line troops.

Prior to the Second Tiberium War, the Ion Cannon uplink was modularized as a plug-in for the upgrade center.

Game building





Advanced communications center:

DOS English Textless
TD DOS AdvCommCenter icon.png TD Advanced Communications Center Icons.gif TD AdvCommCenter EU cameo.png

Ion Cannon:

DOS English Textless
TD DOS IonCannon icon.png TD Ion Cannon Icons.gif TD IonCannon EU cameo.png

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