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The advanced communications center is the GDI superior communications center in Tiberian Dawn.


An upgrade to the Communications Center, this structure not only provides radar, but is the uplink center for the Ion Cannon—GDI's most devastating weapon. Once charged, it can unleash a blast on an unsuspecting target. The Ion Cannon requires power to charge: If your base is under powered, it will stop. To fire, left click on the Ion Cannon icon in the sidebar.
- Command & Conquer (1995) manual

It was externally distinguished from its more basic cousin by built-up transmitter arrays and an enlarged transmitter dish. Not immediately apparent was the enhancement of function; the advanced communications center held the equipment needed to interface with and call fire from the Ion Cannon.

Directing the ion cannon required a continuous link between the structure and satellite. If the ground station was disabled by a black out the ion cannon ceases repositioning until the uplink was re-established.

The advanced communications center also relayed targeting data to the Ion Cannon from GS-2 beacons placed by front-line troops.

Prior to the Second Tiberium War, the Ion Cannon uplink was modularized as a plug-in for the upgrade center.

Game building[]





Advanced communications center:

DOS English Textless
TD DOS AdvCommCenter icon Eyeicnh TD AdvCommCenter EU cameo

Ion Cannon:

DOS English Textless
TD DOS IonCannon icon TD Ion Cannon Icons TD IonCannon EU cameo

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