Advanced demo trap

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Advanced Demo Trap
Generals Advanced Demo Trap.jpg
Affiliation GLA (Rodall Juhziz only)
Base unit Demo trap
Role Trap
Hit points 100
Armor type Structure Armor
Cost $200
Build time 0:03
Produced by Worker
Requires Arms dealer
Hotkey D
Ground attack 700 (Explosion)
Sight range 150

The advanced demo trap was an improved version of the standard GLA demo trap, developed by General Rodall Juhziz, also being his standard issue replacement. The Advanced Demo Trap functioned identically to its predecessor, but was cheaper, faster to assemble, and packed even more explosive power. You can tell an Advanced version from its predecessor by noticing that there are more "sticks of dynamite" wrapped around the drum. As with the regular Demo Trap, certain USA and China vehicles were equipped with scanners that could detect these bombs from a distance, allowing for their safe removal.


Gen1 Proximity Fuse Icons.png Proximity Fuse - Explode when enemy gets near.
Gen1 Manual Control Icons.png Manual Control - Explode on the general's command.
Gen1 Detonate! Icons.png Detonate! - Explode the demo trap.

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Advanced Demo Trap are already quite powerful by itself, but the developers planned to have them upgradable with High Explosive Bombs, which would double the damage.

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