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For other Advanced power plant, see Advanced power plant.

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Advanced power plants were a more developed, efficient method of providing power to military bases during Second World War, and were used by both the Allies and Soviets.


The first power plants burnt coal and oil, with advanced power plants doing it more efficiently and cleanly. The buildings were large and required a steady supply of fuel to work properly.

It was succeeded by the Advanced power plant used during the First Tiberium War. while in Red Alert 2 the Soviets replace them with the nuclear reactor.

In-game building

This power plant provides a large amount of power, a few of these are sufficient for a large base. Power output is directly related to the power plant's condition, so protect them during battles.

As advanced power plants generate 200 units of power for $500, they are more cost-efficient than standard power plants.

Behind the scenes

It bears a strong resemblance to Battersea Power Station.

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