Advanced power plant (Red Alert)

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For other advanced power plants, see Advanced power plant.
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Internal name APWR
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Union
Role Advanced power supply
Tier 1
Tech level 5
Hit points 700
Armor type Wood
Cost $500
Produced by Construction yard
Requires Power plant
Sight range 4
Power +200

Advanced power plants were a more developed, efficient method of providing power to military bases during Second World War, and were used by both the Allies and Soviets.


This large, high-yield structure handles the energy strains of some later, more power intensive structures and defenses.

In red alert 2 the allies stopped using them but the Soviets replace them with the nuclear reactor.

In Tiberian dawn GDI and nod uses them.

Game building

This power plant provides a large amount of power, a few of these are sufficient for a large base. Power output is directly related to the power plant's condition, so protect them during battles.

As advanced power plants generate 200 units of power for $500, they are more cost-efficient than standard power plants.

Behind the scenes

It bears a strong resemblance to Battersea Power Station.


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