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For other uses, see Advanced power plant.

Advanced power plants were Nod's superior power-generating structures during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Conflict. They were essentially modified standard power plants with additional turbines.


Nod, unlike GDI, continued the use of advanced power plants. Although they were much more expensive than the standard power plants, they provided more energy, becoming a viable choice for Nod commanders willing to build an elaborate energy-consuming fort. It also gave Nod the ability to build laser fences, a more efficient (but power-consuming) defense than ordinary walls.

Advanced power plants were replaced by liquid Tiberium cores used on power plants following the Firestorm Conflict.

Game building[]

They were high priority targets for enemy commanders if they wanted to bring Nod defenses down. Nod advanced power plants have a penalty of consuming more room, but enables them to produce power better than regular power plants to power hungry structures like the stealth generator.


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