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Gen2 Gameicon.png
EU MediumCannonTank Portrait.png
Mk.217 Aegis tank
Gen2 Paragon Ingame 1.jpg
Affiliation G2 Logo EU.png European Union
Role Main battle tank
Armament 120 mm tungsten alloy cannon
Protection Composite armour
Hit points 660
Cost $990
Build time 24.44 seconds
Produced by War factory
Requires Tech lab
Hotkey W
Upgrades High explosives
Gen2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Hostiles! Let's blast them!
- Aegis tank

The Aegis tank is the European Union's main battle tank in Generals 2. Three Aegis tanks made their first appearance in the Generals 2 teaser trailer.


High Explosives icon.png
High explosives
Increases damage of all vehicles.


The EU Paragon: your enemies don't stand a chance... but you should!
- Aegis pre-alpha tank profile narrator
  • The tank was originally called the Paragon tank, but it was later revealed that it was renamed to the Aegis tank during gameplay at Gamescom 2013.
  • The tank seems to resemble the Crusader and Paladin tanks from the first Generals and a real world mix between the German Leopard 2, British Challenger 2 and the Israeli Merkava.



Work-in-progress profile

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