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The Aftershock is a Nod Defense class area denial support unit, seen during the Fourth Tiberium War.


The Aftershock is an interesting addition to Nod's Tiberium-focused arsenal. The vehicle's weapon was derived from the research of former GDI scientist Alphonse Giraud during the Third Tiberium War after his "defection", which saw the creation of the Tiberium Vein Detonation support power. The technology behind this power, which violently detonated subterranean Tiberium deposits for massive damage, was eventually put into a mobile form: the Aftershock.

Due to the deep spread of Tiberium all across the planet, nearly any portion of the Earth's surface could be turned into a lethal weapon by these units.[1] They, of course, were immune to the quakes and explosions they generated, and could watch with satisfaction as armored columns turned back or collapsed beneath the vein detonator's power.

Game Unit[]

The Aftershock is a somewhat finnicky Defense-class unit, as it has to be deployed before it can attack. However, once it does, it lives up to its class assignment. Cycling between to highly damaging area-of-effect attacks, one corrosive vein-detonating shockwave and a second, powerful blast mode, they are truly a force to be reckoned with. The second mode is particularly deadly, being able to deal over 200 damage to any unfortunate enough to be struck with it. Groups of Aftershocks can easily destroy Crawlers and most defensive structures with but one strike.

The Aftershock shares an attack type with the GDI Rhino when it is unpacked, and similarly requires deployment to be able to strike. Unlike the Rhino, however, it does not strike periodically and at range, but continuously damages nearby opponents in addition to slowing them down. In a sense they both fill the role of support vehicle, though Rhinos are better suited for additional damage while Aftershocks allow allies to finish off enemies much more easily.

As it uses highly expensive and classified technology, the Aftershock will leave behind a husk in the event it is destroyed. This husk can be restored by an Engineer, or will be automatically revived with the Offense-class Backup Systems upgrade.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to destroy several units.



  • The Aftershock's choice of weapon (Tiberium vein detonation) is rather odd for a unit.
    • Contrary to their defensive nature, they would be unable to hold positions for very long due to their having detonated all the Tiberium crystals in a given area.
    • Additionally, the weapon would become useless after the activation of the Tiberium Control Network.
      • It would also be useless in Tiberium-free Blue Zones.
    • Tiberium detonation is extremely powerful, which would require highly resilient armor.
      • The support power it is based on was deployed remotely, and was thus spared this issue.


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