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Come on, General. I'll show you the meaning of "death from above"!
- Granger

General Granger is capable of fast and deadly air strikes against the enemy, and with the point defense laser system that is mounted on almost all his aircraft along with the defensive flare upgrade one of his aircraft can fend off a ridiculous amount of anti-air missile fire before even being hit. The USA patriot missile system, GLA stinger site, and all missile infantry and missile based units are unable to hit his aircraft except in overwhelming numbers. His aircraft are still vulnerable to anti-aircraft lasers, Gattling weapons, machine gun fire, and mass production of either one is the bane of Granger's forces.

He is easily capable of what he quotes as "Dozer hunting", rushing into an enemy base with aircraft and destroying the enemies construction units, rendering them unable to build any structures. Granger's King Raptors are incredibly dangerous to all ground vehicles, as one pair of fully upgraded King Raptors can easily destroy an Overlord Tank with their pay load, and 2-4 can destroy most buildings except super weapon structures and command centers. His Comanches can become stealthy to protect vital sections of his base, ambush enemies at choke points or devastate his opponents with hit and run attacks. Granger's Combat Chinooks can not only be filled with 8 infantry, but they can fire from the ports down onto any enemy within range, making Granger's Chinooks a force to be reckoned with.

In terms of upgrades and abilities, he can get the ability to carpet bomb from the beginning, and gain the Spectre Gunship earlier. He can also get higher levels of the Spectre Gunship ability, allowing it to pepper a target area for a longer duration than what other generals can do.

His primary weaknesses are his inability to mount a ground based offensive on par with most other generals, and his extreme vulnerability to anti-aircraft weapons, despite his point defense laser system. Another, less obvious weakness is the amount of units he can make, as he requires a large amount of area to create air fields in order to make a large amount of king raptors, aurora bombers, or stealth bombers.

Granger requests reinforcements from a nearby aircraft carrier, the USS Olympia, if his base is invaded.

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