Air support tower

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CNCKW Air Support Tower Cameo.png
Air Support Tower
CNCKW Air Support Tower.png
Internal name NODAirSupport
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Role Additional landing pads
Tier 2
Hit points 2000
Armor type Light (100% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $500
Build time 0:05
Produced by Nod construction yard
Requires Air tower
Hotkey F9
Power -5

Air support tower is a Nod structure, this building supports the Nod air tower by providing Vertigo bombers with a place to rearm, refuel and undergo repair. Similar to the air tower, it can support four Vertigo bombers, but it is much cheaper to produce. However, it cannot construct any aircraft itself; therefore, an air tower must be built before any support towers can be constructed.

The Black Hand utilizes neither aircraft, nor these structures.


The combat support airfield was implemented in Kane's Wrath. It appears in Global Conquest games, when there were aircraft present in the strike force but no base with proper airfields. It was also freely buildable from the support structures tab, from both the construction yard and from cranes.

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