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The air tower was the Brotherhood of Nod's aircraft production and maintenance facility during the Second Nod Reunification War and the Third Tiberium War.


The tower is a high building roughly in the shape of a square. The interior of the tower houses the automated manufacturing units that rapidly assemble Venom patrol craft and Vertigo stealth bombers, while the smaller tower that overlooks the construction pit acts as an air control tower for the squad of bombers and Venoms assigned to the tower. Each tower has four retractable landing pads, which can rearm and refuel one Vertigo each.

Game structure

A single air tower can support 4 Vertigos and an unlimited amount of Venoms, as they don't need to return to the air tower to reload. To construct or queue more than 4 Vertigo bombers, however, a commander must assign some of them to another structure, either another air tower, or the air support tower (which is cheaper but only has rearming and refueling stations, and cannot build more aircraft). Once this is done more bombers can be constructed.

Construction of the air tower also gives access to the Call for Transport ability using Carryalls, allowing Nod forces to be ferried quickly around the battlefield by air. Additionally, the air tower has a complement of 3 repair drones to patch up any nearby damaged aircraft, whether they are landed or not (including Venoms, non-assigned Vertigos, and Carryalls). Note that landed Vertigos are part of the structure for combat interactions. If the air tower is destroyed while the Vertigos are still rearming, all the planes will be lost; and likewise if the air tower is captured while the Vertigos are rearming, they will also be captured.

The doctrine of the Black Hand subfaction does not include aircraft, so they cannot construct air towers.



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