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The Airbase is the Allies' aircraft production structure in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.


Allied Airbases make use of Standardised Production Automated Manufacturing (SPAM) Modules to assemble a wide variety of military aircraft from a single universal component. They are also responsible for rearming aircraft, as well as performing repairs on them with drones. Each Airbase consists of a control tower and four hangars with retractable roof, which are able to house and launch VTOL craft.

In order to construct more advanced aircraft, an Airbase needs to be constructed within the radius of a Construction yard or Command Hub with the appropriate clearance to receive the encrypted signals from their Virtually Operated Industrial Production (VOIP) system.

Game structure

The Airbase only requires a power plant in order to be built. Hence, the Allies can build up their air force much faster than the Soviets or the Empire. This can be used to facilitate an early game Vindicator rush.

It should be noted that if an Airbase is captured by an enemy engineer, any aircraft within its hangars will turn to the enemy side.


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