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The Airbase was produced to handle Allied aircraft in their arsenal of air power. Since the Second World War, the Allies were the faction that was good with air superiority and better at defeating the Soviets on land.

Game building[]

The Airbase can train these aircraft. They include:


Since the Third World War, the Airforce Command HQ was replaced by an Airbase during the Post-War Crisis and also, the third iteration of the Third World War. There were changes to units since then, such as the Apollos were renamed to F11-X Apollo Fighters, Centurys to B2-X Century Bombers and Ray Copters to Cryocopters made in some countries, contributing the Allied war effort. Spain gave the Vindicators to the faction and Harbinger Gunships were made at FutureTech in the Netherlands. Giles Price took command of these Airbases despite being a former RAF pilot and established his post at the Von Esling Airbase in Iceland, where it is home to a Proton Collider on the country's island nation.

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