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CNCTW Aircraft Carrier Cameo.png Aircraft Carrier
GDI aircraft carrier at Hampton Roads
Internal name GDICarrierSPImmobile
Affiliation CNC3 GDI logo.png GDI
Role Aircraft transport
Armament Cannons x4
Strike aircraft x?
Protection Light
Hit points 800
Armor type Angular deflective
Transport slots 24
Amphibious Yes
Sea speed 1
Attack range Extreme
Sight range Far
Abilities Launch airstrike
Rebuild lost aircraft

An aircraft carrier is a large capital ship of the GDI.


Larger than the GDI battleship, they are designed for supporting ground forces and amphibious operations. These ships are equipped with one launch deck for deploying fully armed Firehawk fighters and four VTOL landing pads for Orcas, advanced sensor equipment and command interfaces, as well as four light deck guns for dealing with close threats.

Deployment History

During the Nod strike on Hampton Roads, a single Nod Commando managed to sink the GDS Pathe, the sole remaining supplier of air power on the eastern US seaboard. Later, another carrier was sunk by Nod forces off the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Two aircraft carriers were also used in the unsuccessful attempt to re-capture Doctor Alphonse Giraud from Nod Black Hand forces.

Game unit

The carriers appear several times in singleplayer modes of Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath, usually acting as destructible airfields.


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