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The Airfield is an invaluable structure for the air-inclined Soviet commander in Red Alert.


The Airfield allows construction of MIG and Yak planes, and allows access to Paratroopers, Parachute bombs, and Spy Planes. Only one plane is allowed per Airfield that has been constructed. If an in-use Airfield is destroyed while its associated plane is still in the air, the plane will crash.
- Red Alert manual(src)

The Airfield is a landing strip with a flight control tower and an armory with a fuel dump. They are used to maintain aircraft that require a runway in order to land: Yak attack planes and MiG fighter jets. The airfield are only able to provide refuel and reload function as repairing function is slaved to specially constructed repair center. The airfield also provide the plane its harbour with Soviet version of JATO rocket to assist in STOL procedures.

Nod dusted off the old design of the Airfield from old Soviet archives and added various modification that virtually changed its role as a vehicle drop off from Nod's contracted transport plane, creating the Nod airstrip during the First Tiberium War. In Red Alert Universe, it was abandoned due to the forcibly disbanded of Soviet air force by the end of the war.

Game building

Apart from supporting a single attack plane and reload their weapons after each attack, the airfield also allows for calling in paratroopers or parabombs aboard the Badger bombers. If an in-use Airfield is destroyed while its associated plane is still in the air, the plane will crash. It also provides the Spy plane support power.

It should be noted that reload times for aircraft on an Airfield or Helipad is dependent on the number of rounds of ammunition the aircraft carries. The Soviet MiG, with three missiles, can reload on an airfield almost instantaneously. The Allied Longbow, with six missiles, can similarly rearm fairly quickly. The Hind and Yak however, which carry 12 and 15 bursts of machine gun fire, take much longer to rearm despite the fact that each individual shot from their weapons does is less powerful than the missiles used by the MiG and Longbow.

When a spy infiltrates the airfield, the owner of the spy is granted single-use parabombs.


Support powers



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