A Soviet Airfield (Red Alert iPhone) can build Soviet aircraft since GWWIII because of building Siege Choppers and Kirovs from a War factory means that the roof must be open. Premier Romanov decided to create an Airfield for himself and destroy the Allies from last time who created an alliance.

Game unit

The structure can build these three units. They include:


The Airfield cannot repair their aircraft, but Anatoly Cherdenko decided to build and maintain them. Being amphibious like the Airbase, Cherdenko created MiG Fighters, new Kirov Airships, KA-65 Twinblades and the use of Badger bombers for Natasha Volkova. He appointed Zhana Agonskaya to control the Soviet air force to defeat her rival, Giles Price who is the Commander of Allied air forces and later, Vera Belova by Dasha Fedorovich to rival Zhana's opponent, Giles as a new Allied governor and Director for the Office of Occupational Forces in Japan.

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