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The airfield was GDI's forward operating base for aircraft during the Third Tiberium War.


The modular GDI Airfield can be established to maintain up to four combat aircraft indefinitely. The facility is capable of refueling, repairing, and rearming Orca aircraft, but can also sustain Firehawks with the addition of advanced technical equipment. Airfields each directly control a small element of aircraft, so without an Airfield these craft may suffer guidance failure and the inability to maintain extended operations considering global ion storm interference[1].

Game building

An airfield has four pads and each pad may only be occupied by one Orca or Firehawk at a time. The pad is considered occupied even if the aircraft is in flight. Once a pad become unoccupied the airfield may construct another Orca or Firehawk. This means fielding more than four Orcas or Firehawks requires more airfields or combat support airfield to be built. Captured air units from other factions can also land for repair and rearm (if they need to do so and can fit in by sizes).

On the other hand, the airfield may support an unlimited number of Hammerheads. Hammerheads do not need to land to rearm.



Support powers


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