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For the Tiberian Dawn variant, see Airstrip (Tiberian Dawn). For other uses, see Airfield.

The airstrip was a Nod vehicle deployment structure during the First Tiberium War. Instead of being produced in the field as was the case with the GDI weapons factory, Nod vehicles were delivered by cargo planes from undisclosed locations. The cargo plane can kill players and destroys any vehicle in the red circle when flying in.


The airstrip consists of two buildings: a wide airstrip for vehicle drop-off and a control tower where the Master Control Terminal is located. The airstrip is the vehicle production structure for Nod. Should it be destroyed, the Nod team will lose the ability to purchase vehicles.

The airstrip can deploy the following vehicles:

CNCR Buggy Cameo.png
CNCR Nod APC Cameo.png
CNCR Artillery Cameo.png
Mobile artillery
CNCR Flame Tank Cameo.png
Flame tank
CNCR Light Tank Cameo.png
Light tank
CNCR Stealth Tank Cameo.png
Stealth tank

On flying maps, the airstrip can also deploy flying vehicles:

CNCR Nod Transport Helicopter Cameo.png
Transport helicopter
CNCR Apache Cameo.png

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