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For the Renegade variant, see Airstrip (Renegade). For other uses, see Airfield.

The Airstrip (also known as the Airfield[1]) is a Nod vehicle deployment building in Tiberian Dawn.


Nod buys all its units. The Airfield allows cargo planes to land and deliver equipment. It is functionally equivalent to the GDI Weapons Factory. However, you do not instantly get the unit when it is complete—it must be flown in, so plan accordingly. Building multiple Airfields will increase the ordering speed, and will enable you to have two units delivered at a time.
- Command & Conquer (1995) manual

While GDI produces vehicles at field bases with the weapons factory, the Brotherhood's field bases import completed units. The bases covered the cost of flying in goods by collecting Tiberium. The airstrip is the receiving area for the vehicles. This stems from Nod's nature as a new emerging force with somewhat inadequate war related industries but with excessive fund. They "cooperate" with any military industries available (nearly all black market deals), ordering in mass to lower the cost then store it in a secret place.

The large cargo plane does not land at the field. Instead it slowly flies in at an extremely low altitude and releases the vehicle from the aircrafts cargo bay as it passes over the gently inclined runway.

After the First Tiberium War the Brotherhood abandoned the airfield just to use war factories instead.

Game building

It functions just like the GDI weapons factory: vehicles "emerge" from it once the plane has passed.

The more airstrips will be built, owned and maintained, the faster vehicles will be delivered.

It is also featured in Command & Conquer: Renegade. The cargo plane can kill players and destroys any vehicle in the red circle when flying in.


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