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Akmola (also known as Akmolinsk, Tselinograd and Aqmola) is a large city in central Kazakhstan and is the country's capital city. In 1997, it was renamed as Astana and in 2019 its name was again changed into Nur-Sultan.

During the GLA War, the People's Liberation Army occupied Astana. A riot orchestrated by the GLA ended the Chinese occupation of the city as well forcing the evacuation of the American task force stationed around the airport. The city, known by its old name of Akmola, became major stronghold of the Global Liberation Army. The perimeter of the city was defined by huge fortress ramparts constructed by the GLA to defend their base. A Sino-American taskforce eliminated the GLA presence in the Battle of Akmola.


Astana riots

In order for the GLA to collect more funds for their war effort they orchestrated a group of protesters to run riot in the city. These angry mobs destroyed many civilian buildings and the ill-equipped Kazakh police division, plundering the city of its valuables. An American task force operating from the city's airport attempted to quell the riots using the Rangers' flash-bang grenades. The force was beaten back by GLA troopers however and were soon forced to evacuate the city.

After the Americans were removed, the Chinese garrison sent Dragon Tanks to forcefully burn the Angry Mobs to death. Jarmen Kell and GLA tanks would take out these units while the angry mobs continued their destructive path. The Chinese base was later destroyed.

Battle of Akmola

The city, apparently rebuilt by the GLA and is now known by its old name, became the main headquarters of the Global Liberation Army in the Middle East.

During Operation Last Call, the US Army had the city besieged. A recon team watching over the city and its outskirts had spotted some Scud Launchers en route to the city. Calling in an air strike to demolish these WMDs, the team, after the bombing run, had to escape back into the main force since the GLA guards had spotted them.

Shortly after their return, the battle proper for the final GLA stronghold began. The Chinese government has authorized the use of their abandoned base and hardware south of the American position. GLA armored divisions had attempted to dislodge the American forces from their stronghold, but the US troops held, with the help of Chinese weaponry. Eventually, after tremendous casualties on both sides, the Sino-American forces powered through and destroyed, with their heavier firepower, what was then thought to be the last of the GLA.

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