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Albania is the penultimate GDI mission in Act III, as part of their preparations to renew their siege of Temple Prime.


GDI Director Redmond Boyle ordered the annihilation of Nod's Temple Prime for the GDI press to rally on. After establishing a strong foothold in Croatia, GDI would have to take out Nod's supply base in Albania, before commencing the attack on Kane's Temple Prime itself.

New Units

  • Firehawks

The raid

Phase One: Initial skirmishes

Three GDI grenadier squads were inserted into the area to take out the Laser defense turrets before the APCs could arrive. Destroying the Hub system and the Nod infantry outpost, the grenadiers made way for the four APCs, two Pitbulls and four Predator tanks escorting a Battle Rig to enter the region without any harm and made their way towards the only bridge connecting their location and the supply depot. Unfortunately a Nod scout team detected the GDI presence and rushed to destroy the bridge. Trapped on the wrong side, the GDI force proceeded to destroy the Nod SAM turrets in another outpost before engineers were dropped into the area. With one engineer repaired the bridge, the GDI force crossed the ravine.

Phase Two: Establishing the air base

The GDI team entered the depot with some resistance from the Nod defenders on the other side of the bridge. Their goal was to establish a base of operations east of the bridge. The GDI team fought their way to the Nod infantry base, occasionally blowing up the volatile barrels to cause a chain reaction on the unmanned Nod vehicles. After razing the infantry outpost to the ground and capturing a Reinforcement Bay that gave GDI a Mammoth tank, GDI constructed an airbase for the Firehawks to dock at.

Phase Three: Death from above

Oh pretty impressive Commander, wiping out all those ... unmanned vehicles (chuckles)! Let's see how you fare when the targets shoot back.
- Kane taunting the commander

With the remaining force defending the airbases from Nod raids, the Firehawks started their bombardment of the Nod depot, destroying the barrels to their advantage. Occasionally the Firehawks engaged in air-to-air combat with the Nod Venoms. GDI engineers also captured two more Reinforcement Bays, after the Firehawks razed the accompanied Nod outposts to the ground, using the reinforcements to aid the Firehawks on the ground. After destroying all the unmanned vehicles by destroying the flammable barrels which caused a chain reaction, the GDI Firehawks proceeded to systematically raze the main Nod base, taking out all of their forces and important infrastructures. GDI were thus victorious, though Kane goaded the GDI commander for wasting his time in destroying unmanned vehicles.


The destruction of Nod's main supply depot in Albania meant GDI would not have worry about any Nod reinforcements in their siege on Temple Prime. Nod in the meantime heavily fortified their walls with firepower and prepared to defend their most Holy Temple against the oncoming GDI onslaught.


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The player starts with two riflemen and grenadiers. The best way to clear out Nod is by using the Grenadiers against the laser turret and riflemen against the militants. After its destroyed APCs, pitbulls, predators and a rig will arrive but the player only gets 3 APCs and cannot get more. APCs are a must to deal with the Nod infantry and Venoms otherwise Nod will use infantry especially Militant rocket squads and black hand to kill the players anti armor army. The Brotherhood will destroy the bridge which requires the player to clear out the SAM turrets. Attack the southwest base with predators with a Rig to repair them. Once the small SAM base is destroyed the player gets missile squads and engineers to repair the bridge. EVA will then tell the player to "Do not allow too many engineers to be killed or the mission will be aborted." Repair the bridge then lead the charge with predator tanks to the entrance to the Nod vehicle base. Keep the engineers out of Nods patrolling units especially their Venoms. Put the riflemen in the APCs then use them to destroy the infantry base to the northwest. Capture the reinforcement bay to receive reinforcements. Proceed east carefully out of range of the Obelisks and capture the reinforcement bay in the northeast. Finally get APCs and tanks to clear out the final Reinforcement bay to get a mammoth tank and firehawk reinforcements. Arm a firehawk and destroy at least one Venom to complete the bonus objective. Use the Firehawks to destroy the Nod vehicle base to win the mission.


GDI - Albania


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