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Aldastan was a country in Central Asia formed by the union of the ex-Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


This union occurred sometime in the 2010s, before the events of the GLA War. The circumstances behind the formation of Aldastan remains unclear. Whatever the case, the Global Liberation Army soon took effective control over the country and used it as a springboard for further operations into China.

Chinese retaliation for GLA terroristattacks in China culminated by the full-scale invasion of Aldastan by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The last GLA stronghold in Dushanbe fell after Operation Nuclear Winter. After the GLA defeat, it is likely that Aldastan remained occupied by the Chinese.

Dushanbe, previously the capital city of the Republic of Tajikistan, was designated the capital of Aldastan. The Kyrgyz capital Bishkek was called a "Sub-Capital", hinting at some form of federal system in the country.

Chinese occupation of Aldastan

In the fifth Chinese mission, Scorched Earth, Lin Zhong had said to the Chinese Commander in the mission briefing that Balykchy is held in Aldastan divided by Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan which a union occurred there before the GLA war which the Chinese Commander forced himself to occupy the whole of Aldastan.

Then for the Bishkek mission, Chinese intelligence believed that the city is called the "Sub-Capital" of Aldastan for the mission called Dead In Their Tracks which the Kyrgyz government took the GLA High Command a blame to the two hijackings of railroads throughout the sub-capital sending GLA troops off at two train stations in Bishkek, so the Chinese Commander was forced to use Black Lotus to destroy the train bridge linking the GLA's railway network in the north.

The final mission, Nuclear Winter, sees the Chinese forces under the Chinese Commander pushed GLA forces back using his nuclear arsenal, tanks and aircraft to destroy the last GLA stronghold in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan (Aldastan) which the GLA had brainwashed the Asia-Pacific region and the attacks in China culminated by the invasion of Aldastan which resulted in the last two missions, a Chinese victory and paraded through the city.

After the GLA stronghold in Dushanbe fell to its knees which sparked off GLA action in Shymkent, Aldastan was finally occupied by Chinese forces at the end which it is currently under China's domination for now.

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