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Premier Alexander Romanov (Russian: Александр Романов) was the leader of the USSR during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


Although a charming and eloquent man of peace at first glance, Romanov is in reality a dictator consumed by progressing madness. His experiences during the Second World War branded him; memories of foreign troops crossing the snowy streets, burning factories, his homeland crushed by the decadent empire of the west refuse to die and feed a relentless hate of the western Allies. As he grew up, he carefully nurtured this feeling, drawing both from communist ideals and his tsarist roots, drawing up his plan to rebuild the Soviet Union as a superpower.[1]

He realized that the only way to actually be able to execute his plan was to become Premier. He masked his hate well and built up a reputation as a man of peace, an advocate of an alliance with the west. His camouflage was extremely effective - he was hand-picked by Allied intelligence operations to lead the Soviet Union, keep it a declawed tiger.[1] He quickly gained the trust and respect of Soviet citizens and acclaim from western media and politicians.

While the world praised him as a leader, Romanov began putting his plans in motion. With the aid of Yuri, a survivor from Stalin's Psychic Program, he rearmed the Union with the latest in military technology. He used the new World Socialist Alliance, an ostensibly West-friendly organization, to create a global network of Soviet countries that can be used to strike against the Allies.

Alexander Romanov may be relative of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, whose remains is not found with other members of the royal family.

Character development

Red Alert 2 Allied campaign

Tanya and Romanov in the Kremlin.

Filled with hatred towards the Allies who put him into office, Romanov started the Third World War. He struck hard on all major cities of the United States and Europe. With no mercy towards the Allied army or even civilians, he destroyed everyone and everything that opposed his cause. However, the Allied commanders turned the tide of the war by destroying Nuclear missile silos in Poland and retaking the Pentagon. Romanov's final defeat came when the Allies used the Chronosphere to launch an invasion in Moscow. They overran the Soviet defenses and even Romanov's Elite Black Guard surrounding the Kremlin. Once the defenses were cleared, Tanya stormed the Kremlin to arrest Romanov. Romanov attempted to trick the Allies by forcing an aide to pose as the Premier, but Tanya was unconvinced by this ruse and found the Premier hiding under his desk, with nothing but his shirt and boxers. He was pictured in this sorry state with his American captors, and photos of him circulated across the globe, humiliating him. He was later trialed and imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Red Alert 2 Soviet campaign

RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 2 and some details might contradict canon.

Filled with hatred towards the Allies who put him into office as a puppet, Romanov started the Third World War, striking the USA immediately. His first target was the Pentagon, thus crippling the Allied military control. He continued attacking the Allies in many other locations. When the Allies were at their knees, he meant to end the war, but his advisor Yuri somehow convinced him to carry on with the war and proclaim him the leader of the Soviet armed forces.

With all opposition eliminated, Yuri made himself Premier. However, Premier Romanov had recorded a video just before his death in which he elaborated that he was not in control of his own mind during the war, and that Yuri was the one who started it. This was received at Red Army HQ and led to Operation Red Revolution, in which the leading Soviet general avenged Romanov's death by killing Yuri beneath the rubble of the Kremlin.

Yuri's Revenge Allied campaign

In the Allied campaign of Yuri's Revenge, Romanov did not have many appearances. He signed the London peace treaty with the Allies before the final joint attack on Yuri's forces. During the initial events of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, it is implied that Romanov fled the country (as a result of the merging timelines which left the USSR in a state of disarray after the war).

Yuri's Revenge Soviet Campaign

RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and some details might contradict canon.

When most of the Psychic Dominators were coming online, Romanov was still in the Tower of London. He informed the Commander of the Allied Time Machine, but had to quickly end transmission, as a guard was about to unlock his cell.

The Commander went back in time, when the Soviet invasion of the Third World War was at its very beginning. Romanov was still in command, in his office, ordering the attack on Black Forest. The only difference is that he was now aware of Yuri's plans and looked eager to stop him. After the Allies surrendered to the Soviet Union, Romanov led the fight against Yuri.

However, while he was traveling by plane to Moscow, his plane was shot down above Morocco. He survived the crash unharmed, as he parachuted off the plane before it went down. Yuri's forces were ordered to search for him, but he was saved by the Commander at Rick's Place, if the Commander get there first before Yuri's forces do. If not, he will be mind-controlled by a Yuri Clone in a cell near the airport. The commander must eliminate the clone to rescue him. Upon his return to Moscow, Romanov continued leading the war against Yuri until the end.

With the last of Yuri's forces eliminated and the Allies surrendered, the Soviets were victorious at last, with no more great power to oppose them. Stock exchanges around the world began to close as cities began to cheer for their new heroic communist leaders. Using the space technology acquired from Yuri in To the Moon, the newly funded Soviet space program by Romanov began their exploration of the cosmos as communism expands across the solar system...

Selected quotes

Listen very carefully! I'm not your pet, Mr. President! We Romanovs have our legacy to consider...
- Romanov to Michael Dugan (Red Alert 2)
I have a special invitation for the citizens of the United States from the great Soviet Union. As you see your Liberty how she lies broken before you. But, in a moment's time your once powerful city of New York will follow in her footsteps. The choice is yours - you can continue to mourn your past, or surrender... and join us in the great Soviet Revolution!
- Romanov when the Soviets destroyed the Statue of Liberty during Operation: Lone Guardian (Red Alert 2)
This message goes out to hidden commander, who continues to dance, but ceases to amuse. Now, is the time to submit to Soviet supremacy, commander. After you feel pain from my nuclear bombs, you will wish for another chance.
- Romanov to Allied Commander during Operation: Fallout (Red Alert 2)
RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 2 and some details might contradict canon.
Comrade General, welcome to the future of Soviet Union. I want to introduce you my little friend. This is Sam... like Uncle Sam. Say hello, little Uncle. The Americans, they have turtle in children's film, it teaches them to fear the Soviet Union. But the little turtle says "Big Russian missiles coming", and he ducks and he covers. Duck, cover, haha! Today, we will make history, comrade! Together we will destroy the United States - their cities, their homes, their dreams, and perhaps more! This is my advisor Yuri. He will help make this possible
- Romanov to Soviet Commander (Red Alert 2)
Take care of the Republic of Korea, comrade. Show them how we treat our enemies.
- Romanov to Soviet Commander (Red Alert 2) at the intro to Operation: Home Front
If... you... have... received this, then I presume that by now I'm finally... dead. I'm... losing... I don't know... how to... Oh, Mother Russia. I'm forgetting... words. Pah! Yuri, he is controlling my mind. He has killed me. When I'm... gone now, the command is yours. Send this tape far and wide, take my country back for the glory of Russia and the spirit of justice!
- Romanov's final message (Red Alert 2)
RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and some details might contradict canon.
Have you seen the States' news magazine? The war is over, comrade General! The Allies have surrendered. Now, they fight with us against the traitor Yuri. All of Soviet people are full of greatfulness to you. Nazadarovania!
- Romanov to Soviet Commander at the intro to Operation: Brain Wash (Yuri's Revenge)
Finally, the Soviets have reached the Moon! One baby step for comrade General, one giant leap for Soviet people, yes? Haha!
- Romanov to Soviet Commander at the intro to Operation: To the Moon (Yuri's Revenge)
Find Yuri! Destroy castle! And CRUSH him beneath the stones!
- Romanov to Soviet Commander at the intro to Operation: Head Games (Yuri's Revenge)

In-game unit quotes

I'm Premier, you know.
- When selected
I have legacy to consider.
- When selected
Which way, comrade?
- When selected
Guide me to safety.
- When selected
I will consider it.
- When moving
At my own pace.
- When moving
Onto victory.
- When moving
For Soviet glory.
- When moving
These boots are too tight.
- When moving
- When ordered to attack
To the frontlines!
- When ordered to attack
Crush and destroy!
- When ordered to attack
The weak shall die!
- When ordered to attack
Ha ha ha!
- When ordered to attack
How dare you!
- Under fire
I'll get you for that!
- Under fire
Ow, Mother Russia!
- Under fire
I must not die!
- Under fire
Save me!
- Under fire

Behind the scenes

  • Worth also played the part of Calinar Coltran, the House Atreides mentat in the Westwood Studios game "Emperor: Battle for Dune", as well as General Marzaq in Tiberian Sun Firestorm.
  • Sadly, Worth died of heart failure on May 7, 2007.
  • In Real-life the Soviet Union could have been led by a man named Romanov. Grigory Vasilyevich Romanov was a Soviet politician and member of the Politburo, he was considered the main rival to Mikhail Gorbachev in the succession struggle after the death of Konstantin Chernenko in March 1985.



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