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My greatest superweapon is my brain!
- Alexis, the US Superweapon General

General Alexis Alexander is a 4-star general in the US Marine Corps during the War against the GLA.


As a logistics staffer in the Second Korean War, Alexander attracted the notice of her superiors with her ability to acquire almost anything. Alexander harnessed this ability further to win a scholarship, followed by a long and distinguished career in the Marines. During the earlier stages of the GLA conflict, Alexander developed a tiered system of defenses that did not allow a single strike on her supply columns. Alexander became known for her strong emphasis on resource acquisition and defense in the early stages of a conflict, going on the offensive only when she has overwhelming firepower that was untouchable by the enemy. She is primary antagonist in faction USA against China Infantry General Shin Fai. Followed by General Granger (Secondary antagonist in faction USA).[1]

The 42 year old[2] General Alexander is stationed at Camp Franklin, Belfast, Maine, USA, with the Class Number 07121969-HB.[1]





  • Cannot build tanks

General's powers

Generals challenge

Cut content

  • True to her title as the super weapon general, Alexander originally had access to two additional super weapon structures; the Tomahawk Storm and Cruise Missile Silo. Both are partially complete and can be placed in-game but do not function properly due to missing INI entries.

Behind the scenes

  • Actress Karina Thomas provided the images for General Alexander; her voice actress is Jeannie Elias.
  • The weapon shown in her picture is a Beretta 93R model with a flash suppressor.


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