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Welcome back, Foreman.
- Alien AI

The Alien AI was a Scrin artificial intelligence created to assist Scrin Foremen in Ichor harvesting operations. It is equivalent to the Electronic Video Agent used by the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.


Reformat your ship, Foreman! Insubordination is unacceptable!
- Supervisor

The alien AI was apparently extremely advanced, capable of assimilating human languages by scanning media broadcast.[1] Like the EVA units used by humans, it was capable of providing a Scrin Foreman with vital strategic information. Unlike EVA units, however, it has a distinct personality. It was capable of providing its own opinions, and even objected to directives that it perceived as questionable.

Though it normally followed the instructions of the Supervisor, it apparently put the safety of its Foreman first, as shown when it disregarded the Supervisor's orders in order to ensure the completion of Threshold 19 and Foreman 371's escape. When the AI questioned the Supervisor's decisions, the latter ordered the Foreman to reformat his ship, implying that the AI was physically located on the Foreman's Mothership.[2]


After the liquid Tiberium detonation at Temple Prime, the AI awoke Foreman 371 from stasis, and initiated harvesting procedures, directing six large transports on approach to Earth. However, the AI was surprised when the transports were attacked by ion cannons, causing them to disperse into drone ships and land in Red zones across the planet.

After realizing that the indigenous population was still dangerously viable, the AI advised mission abort. However, the Supervisor ordered the Foreman to proceed with harvesting as planned, in order to investigate why the indigenous population was still able to form an organized resistance after the detonation event. The AI objected, noting that the harvesting operation was rated for Threshold defense, and was unsuitable for prolonged combat against organized forces. The Supervisor overruled its objection, and ordered the Foreman to disorganize the human forces by targeting major population centers.[1]

After the Foreman's mission in London, the AI reported that the construction of Relay nodes, which supported the alien surface units, was delayed, since multiple nodes would be required due to defensive dispersal. The AI also noted that Earth's Tiberium deposits are immature, and once again advised mission abort. However, the Supervisor told them that the Overlord desired exploration of indigenous species, and that intelligence gathering is now a higher priority than Ichor harvesting. He ordered them to begin diversion tactics and commence Threshold assembly operations at once, assured that victory was certain due to the divided nature of human forces. The AI accepted the plan.[3]

After 371's mission in Munich, the AI reported that Relay node construction has been completed, and Threshold construction was in progress. However, resistance was growing, and diversion tactics were failing. The AI advised mission abort for the third time, but was once again overruled by the Supervisor, who told them that the Overlord suspected that the liquid Tiberium detonation was staged to lure harvesting forces. He ordered the Foreman to scour the blast site for information, and the AI reluctantly agreed.[4]

After reviewing an intercepted Nod transmission, which revealed that Kane was responsible for luring the harvesting fleet to Earth, the Supervisor ordered the Foreman to obtain more information on Kane, even as the Thresholds were destroyed one by one. The AI decided that the completion of at least one Threshold is now the highest priority, and the Supervisor ordered the Foreman to reformat the ship for the AI's insubordination. At this point, the AI severed communications with the Supervisor, and instructed the Foreman to defend Threshold 19 at all cost.[2]

During the battle at Threshold 19, the AI informed the Foreman that Threshold 18 has been destroyed, leaving Threshold 19 the last remaining Threshold on Earth.[2]

After the activation of Threshold 19, the AI, along with Foreman 371's Mothership, safely escaped to Ichor Hub. The AI considered the mission successfully salvaged.[2]


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