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All Brains, No Brawn is the tenth mission of Command & Conquer: Renegade.[1]


This place is crawling with mutants. Stick close, Doc.
- Havoc

After defeating the mutant Raveshaw, Havoc frees Ignatio Mobius from his cell but his daughter is nowhere to be found. He also finds Sakura's cell, where she escaped on her own. Damage to the room caused by Havoc's fight triggers a mass uprising among the Initiates in the facility, who turn on all Nod personnel. Unable to call for backup from GDI underground, the two have to reach the surface and Mobius proposes to reclaim his prototype suit that has a built-in radio.

Havoc escorts Doctor Mobius to his suit, and the duo fights their way to the surface against large numbers of enraged Tiberium mutants in addition to the surviving Nod soldiers attempting to contain the situation. After pushing back a large group of officers, Havoc and Mobius meets up with Gunner and escape via helicopter.


Primary Objectives
Protect Mobius
Dr. Mobius must be kept alive at all costs. He is our primary Tiberium research scientist, and may also provide insight into Nod mutation research.
Acquire Power Suit
In order to make contact with GDI forces, Dr. Mobius must retrieve the Mobile Power Suit taken earlier. Find its location and recover it.
Escort Mobius to Surface
Dr. Mobius has acquired the Mobile Power Suit, but cannot make radio contact this far underground. Escort him to the surface to regain contact with GDI.
Escort Mobius to GDI
Now that you have reached the surface, you must make your way to the GDI front lines, with Dr. Mobius in tow. Keep him alive and reach the GDI front for helicopter evacuation.
Tertiary Objectives
Eliminate Nod Resistance
Nod forces have amassed at the first canyon checkpoint, but your quick work has taken care of the problem.
Commandeer the Nod Stealth Tank
The Nod Stealth Tank is a formidable weapon. Fortunately, you've managed to acquire one of your own.


Commando difficulty walkthrough


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