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All Guns Blazing is a side challenge in Commander's Challenge.


The Rising Sun's ever-enthusiastic Commander Takara is running maintenance on one of those gigantic floating fortresses, due to a software malfunction in the targeting systems of its Wave-Force Tricannons. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about those foretresses, as we can get some your forces onto the fortress and rig some of the Tricannons to defend your position. Even still, approaching Takara's Tricannons by land would be tantamount to suicide. Stick to long-range naval bombardment or airstrikes.


As with the regular Battlebase Quartus in Skirmish, each base has four Wave-Force Tricannons.


  • While the Wave-Force Tricannons can instantly kill any ground or surface targets with their blasts, the player should not solely rely on them to defend their base as Takaya can send numerous ground forces to overwhelm the player's base which can outnumber the player's Tricannons due to their slow firing rate. Furthermore, the Wave-Force Tricannons can still be destroyed, particularly with aircraft such as the Chopper-VX. Thus the player should compliment the Tricannons with additional base defenses.
  • The player ideally should use aircraft or naval bombardment units to attack the enemy bases with in order to complete this challenge.
  • Another method is to capture the wave-force triguns with engineers and use them to destroy the enemy bases with. This can be accomplished more easily with the Empire of the Rising Sun as they can sneak disguised sudden transports carrying engineers into the enemy's bases.


  • Start of the mission - Takara: "Welcome to my island fortress! Just come over and visit anytime. Oh and don't mind the deck guns. They're harmless."
  • End of the mission - Takara: "I thought you were going to be a little bit easier."
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