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All That Glitters is the sixth mission in Kane's Wrath.[1]


Kane praises LEGION for his performance in South Africa and reveals to him his plan to destroy the Philadelphia while all of GDI's leaders are on-board, attending the Annual Energy Summit.

However, he asked LEGION to delay Redmond Boyle, the GDI Treasurer, a greedy and vainglorious politician who will play right into his hands. In order to do this, he asked LEGION to attack the GDI Treasury, which would force Boyle to delay his trip to the Philadelphia. After he left, Alexa Kovacs revealed her suspicion of LEGION, saying that she knew the AI was always watching her.

Leading a stealth strike team, LEGION attacked the GDI Treasury complex, cutting off the power to its defenses and disconnecting it from the ion cannon network before destroying the Treasury building. The attack was a complete success, dealing billions of credits worth of damage to GDI and successfully delaying Boyle. Meanwhile, GDI had no idea that Nod was behind the attack, and assumed it was perpetrated by the a Forgotten separatist faction called the Sons of Umagon instead.[2]

New units


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

This mission mostly serves as an introduction to the new Specter artillery and how it can work in conjunction with Shadow teams, so it is very easy, even on Hard difficulty.

Nod reinforcements entering the treasury complex

You start with two Shadow teams. Do not activate gliders, there are too many AA batteries around. Avoid the Hammerhead with searchlights (which can reveal stealth units) and GDI infantry and head north. Tag each power plant with a beacon as the Nod EVA instructed. After you are finished, the power plants will be destroyed be Specters, shutting down all of GDI's defenses in the treasury complex.

The first gold bullion storage

At this point, your reinforcements - four stealth tanks and four Specters - will enter the treasury complex through the entrance. Your Shadow teams will most likely be killed by patrolling Hammerheads, but you will not need them anymore, so focus on your reinforcements. Have them head east as the objective marker indicated. Watch out for any stray missile squads, which can cause you to lose unit if you are not careful. While on the way there, they will pass a plateau with two war factories patrolled by Pitbulls. Have the Specters destroy the war factories and any patrolling Pitbulls (there should be four), then get on the plateau. There are some money crates defended by two inactive Watchtowers. Grab them all as part of the bonus objective.

The communications center

The second gold bullion storage

The ion cannon network communications center is patrolled by Hammerheads and Pitbulls, destroy them with your stealth tanks, but remember to leave at least one to cover your Specters from any patrolling Hammerheads. Note that while the foxholes at the plateau entrance are empty, the two at the entrance to the inner perimeter are not, so destroy them with your Specters. The production structures may produce Pitbulls and infantry, so you may want to destroy them first. Finally, destroy the communications center, then heal any damaged units with the two heal crates nearby.

The treasury building

After the communications center is gone, the treasury building will be undefended. But first, move to the Tiberium spike directly west of your objective marker. You will find a number of money crates scattered around the Tiberium spike. Picking them up completes the "steal gold bullions" bonus objective. Also, to the west is an airfield that continually replaces any patrolling Hammerheads you destroy, so you may want to destroy it with Specters as well.

The treasury building is also defended by Hammerheads and Pitbulls. You may also encounter Shatterers, which can be deadly to your vehicles, but you can simply destroy them with your Specters from a safe range. Destroy the treasury building with your Specters and finish the mission.


  • The missions title is a reference to the saying, "All that glitters is not gold", a commonly used quote from the play, The Merchant of Venice.
  • It is possible to destroy the Treasury building before the communications center. Doing so causes an ion cannon blast to fire once the Treasury building is destroyed. However, the ion cannon blast will most likely miss your unit completely, and the mission can continue as normal afterwards. Though the communications center will still need to be destroyed to complete the mission.
  • There is an unused main objective for this mission in the game's csf file, "Avoid Hammerhead Spotlights", which says "GDI have mounted spotlights on their aerial Hammerhead patrols. Avoid them, or our cover will be blown." Presumably, this objective was cut because having to complete the mission while avoiding all Hammerheads would be too frustrating.




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