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In the latter stages of the Second World War, the United States of America joined the allies, sending needed resources and reinforcements. Among those sent was General Carville and an Allied Commander under his command. "The Commander", as often referred to by Carville, would soon proved to be one of the most skilled strategists during the conflict.


Second World War

First seeing action in Greece, the Commander neutralized the Soviet's sarin capabilities and successfully evacuated any civilians. Carville, highly impressed, gave him a field promotion to Sergeant. The Strategist was deployed to Siberia, conducting a series of missions that rescued Col. Nikos Stavros and eliminated the Soviet's nuclear capabilities. Following the mission, the Commander eventually became an officer. Carville then sent the Major to destroy a new series of Soviet submarines. Following the rescue of civilians, the Major was awarded the Medal of Honor. As a Colonel, the Commander was sent to Poland to deal with a number of crises that had arisen. During the Poland missions, the Commander saved London from nuclear attack, gaining the attention of the Allied Forces command. Following the end of the conflict, the Commander was finally promoted to General.

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