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For other buildings of the same name, see barracks.

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The Allied training tent (simply called barracks in the game) is an infantry training structure in Red Alert 1.


A simple green army tent, it is essential for the training of infantry, from the basic rifle infantry to the refined, capable spies.


After the war, the Allies replaced them with the next generation of barracks.

Game building

List of Allied units produced by the Barracks:

Icon Unit Requirements Ability
RA1 Rifle Infantry Icons.png Rifle infantry none


RA1 Rocket Soldier Icons.png Rocket soldier none

Can engage ground and air targets

RA1 Medic Icons.png Medic none

Heals infantry

RA1 Engineer Icons.png Engineer none

Repair / capture buildings

RA1 Spy Icons.png Spy Radar dome

Sabotage buildings

RA1 AF Field Mechanic Icons.png Field mechanic

Repair vehicles

RA1 Thief Icons.png Thief

Steal credits

RA1 Tanya Icons.gif Tanya

Instant kill infantry and building


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