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The Allied Battle Lab was an advanced technology structure deployed in most major Allied bases during the Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


An improvement on the last war's Tech Center design, it allowed Allied commanders to deploy high-tier units from their facilities. These structures were required to provide the commander with the appropriate clearance levels as well as the capability of performing computer simulations that allowed for much better and more accurate predictions of the performance of the systems involved.

During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, Allied scientists made a breakthrough in defensive technology, which resulted in the Force Shield. It made certain structures completely invulnerable to all forms of attack, and was therefore not unlike the Soviet Iron Curtain Device, though the protective shield drained the base's entire power supply when in use and required extensive charging.

Game Building[]

The Battle Lab is available only if the commander owns an Air Force Command Headquarters and a War Factory. The structure itself is rather weak and prone to being destroyed if proper measures to protect it are not taken.

The Allied Battle Lab is the only way to unlock the Allies' Tier 3, and best, technologies.





Support Powers[]


Due to changes in game design, the Allied Battle Lab returns different results if infiltrated when playing Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge.

Red Alert 2[]

The player must also own a barracks of the infiltrated Battle Lab's faction in Red Alert 2; therefore, the player must own an Allied Barracks to train Chrono Commandos and a Soviet Barracks to train Chrono Ivans.

Yuri's Revenge[]



English French German Korean Chinese
RA2 Allied Battle Lab Cameo CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab French Cameo CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab German Cameo CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab Korean Cameo CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab Chinese Cameo

Pre-release cameos, in order: alpha, beta.
CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab Alpha Cameo CNCRA2 Allied Battle Lab Beta Cameo


  • Amusingly, the Allied Battle Lab's height makes it a formidable obstruction to Soviet Kirov Airships, and even Allied Rocketeers to a certain extent, due to how they are forced to traverse its full height before being able to go past it. Both units can easily destroy it, however, and given its high cost, power drain, weak armor, and strategic importance, such a tactic is hardly practical.

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