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The construction yard was the heart of every Allied base during the Third World War and the Uprising.


The Allied construction yard functions similarly to its predecessors. The construction yard generally completes all components before structure assembly begins at the desired site. If structures need to be built outside the base, command hubs have to be deployed.

The construction yard uses the Standardized Production Assembly Module (SPAM) technology. SPAM has existed for at least a decade and has already been used to assemble munitions in the field. A more revolutionary aspect is the integration of the Virtually Operated Industrial Production (VOIP) technology, which allows production of advanced munitions.

A new, important aspect of the construction yard is providing "Clearance". Clearance is divided into two levels, Heightened Clearance and Max Clearance, which must be purchased in order to assemble more sophisticated units and structures. Clearance for production structures is given to the area immediately around a construction yard. Clearance for areas well beyond the immediate confines of a field base is granted by establishing command hubs, which themselves must be upgraded independently.

In-game structure[]

The construction yard is still deployed from an MCV. It can be established either on land or at water. Once established, it can construct buildings in a limited, but vast area. It manufactures buildings inside before deploying a complete set of building kits in a target area. The building is instantly constructed and completed in a flash. It can coordinate its construction efforts with the help of command hubs, delivering the complete structure kits to be deployed within the building radius of the hub. It has the ability to construct platform provisions for building structures over water, and contains advanced communication and coordination facilities to enable new, highly classified blueprints for construction; these facilities can also be used to call in top secret protocols. However, it cannot construct another construction yard directly.


RA3 Allied Packup Icons
Pack Up Converts to a Mobile Construction Vehicle, which may then redeploy to new locations.

The Allied construction yard can build the following structures:

Building queue[]

Icon Building Requirements Cost Build time Power
RA3 Power Plant Icons Power plant none 800 0:10 100
RA3 Boot Camp Icons Boot Camp none 500 0:10 -25
RA3 Allied Ore Refinery Icons Ore refinery Power plant 2000 0:20 -50
RA3 Armor Facility Icons Armor facility Ore refinery 2000 0:20 -50
RA3 Seaport Icons Seaport Ore refinery 1000 0:20 -50
RA3 Airbase Icons Airbase Power plant 1000 0:15 -50
RA3 Defense Bureau Icons Defense bureau Airbase
Ore refinery
1500 (RA3)
2000 (Uprising)
0:30 -75
RA3 Heightened Clearance Icons Heightened Clearance Ore refinery 1500 0:15 -
RA3 Maximum Clearance Icons Max Clearance Heightened Clearance 3000 1:00 -

Defense queue[]

Icon Building Requirements Cost Build time Power
RA3 Allied Fortress Wall Icons Fortress wall none 10 0:05 0
RA3 Multigunner Turret Icons Multigunner turret Power plant 800 0:20 -25
RA3 Spectrum Tower Icons Spectrum Tower Defense bureau
Power plant
1200 0:30 -75
RA3 Chronosphere Icons Chronosphere Defense bureau (RA3)
Airbase (Uprising)
1500 (RA3)
3000 (Uprising)
0:30 -75
RA3 Proton Collider Icons Proton Collider Defense bureau 2500 (RA3)
5000 (Uprising)
0:30 -75


  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.08: fixed an exploit that granted credits and an engineer without destroying the construction yard when sold.
  • Red Alert 3 patch 1.11: fixed a bug that allowed Soviet players to cast cash bounty on their own construction yard and then get a refund by selling it.


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