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Doctor Alphonse Giraud is a scientist appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Dr. Giraud is a scientist specializing in Tiberium. He is employed by G-Tech and works in the Chilean Blue Zone.[1]

Storyline development

Giraud was responsible for analyzing recovered Nod research data on liquid Tiberium and advising General Jack Granger on how to deal with this threat.[2] As such, Kane considered him a threat to his plans, but realized that his knowledge of Tiberium would be helpful.

As a result, Kane ordered the Nod AI LEGION to raid his laboratory in the Chilean Blue Zone and capture him before he could inform GDI Acting-Director Redmond Boyle of Kane's intentions with liquid Tiberium. Leading a Black Hand task force, LEGION attacked the laboratory and took Giraud into custody. Despite repeated GDI attempts to shoot down the transport carrying him, Giraud was evacuated and disappeared from GDI's sight.[1]

While in Nod custody, Giraud helped the Brotherhood develop the Tiberium vein detonation technique, and his continuing research into Tiberium contributed to the development of the portable Tiberium sprayer used by the Tiberium trooper.[3]

Behind the scenes

Giraud was played by Julian Stone, who also portrayed BNN television reporter James Seabury in Generals.



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