GDI's hiding in this town. I can feel it!
- Shadow Team member
Amazon Desert



South America






Brotherhood of Nod

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Tiberium Wars


Amazon Desert (mission)

The Amazon Desert is located in Brazil. It also has the Amazon River which goes through some South American countries. In 2047, a Nod Commander came to this part of the desert to protect one of Nod's final laboratories from GDI capture. The one in Casabad, Egypt was destroyed by Nod's common enemy which revealed a Liquid Tiberium Bomb being made and said by French scientist, Alphonse Giraud.

Battle in the Desert

Good work, Commander. Now you'll keep that lab safe so that Kane can work his magic.
- Ajay

A Black Hand team occupied a civilian house to fire upon GDI forces from a northern expansion base. The Commander quickly made preparations in building defenses and repairing his headquarters since GDI's attack earlier. GDI's army kept coming, but got caught in the middle of the battle. Ajay contacted the player saying that the laboratory is safe and brought in Scorpion Tanks after a long siege. They drew north and attacked the GDI expansion up north as an Air Tower was built. Killing off GDI forces in the town and a Saboteur capturing a Reinforcement Bay to consist more Scorpion Tanks and an Emissary.

Four Vertigo Bombers or using Scorpion Tanks, destroyed a key bridge to the north in halting GDI to ever build an expansion again, but Shadow Teams came to the main GDI garrison and broke through the wall. Destroying the structures there and everything was done, the lab scientists brought out a Liquid Tiberium Transport Truck to be taken to Sarajevo. At least, Redmond Boyle built some artillery guns to blockade an escape from Brazil and in Rio de Janeiro.

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