American Vice President

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Vice President
RA3 Vice President Hasselhoff.jpg
Biographical information
Gender Male
Political information
Affiliation Allies RA3.png Allied Nations
USAFlag.png United States
Occupation Vice President (formerly)
Rank Commander-in-chief
Game information
Appearances Red Alert 3
Actor David Hasselhoff
Today, I will take the reins of this great country and together, we will march forward into a bright and prosperous future. We will share with our defeated enemies the fruits of capitalism and consumerism. For if they're shopping for cars or plasma TVs, they won't want to build up massive armies or invent new weapons of war! They'll be enjoying the American Dream... sitting with their families on Super Sunday, watching the big game... with the rest of us.
- Vice President

The American Vice President takes over the job of the President of the United States, following the death of Ackerman.

Behind the scenes

The Vice President is portrayed by David Hasselhoff.

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