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Airfields are large complexes necessary for the United States to produce and maintain aircraft used during the War against the GLA.

Game building

Each airfield can support up to four fixed wing aircraft and an unlimited amount of helicopters. It can also repair damaged aircrafts and helicopters. Friendly aircrafts can also use the airfield (if vacant) for rearming and repairs.

Produced aircraft

Icon Building Requirements Ability
CNCG Comanche Cameo.png Comanche none
CNCG Raptor Cameo.png Raptor none

Can engage ground and air targets

CNCGZH King Raptor Cameo.png King Raptor Malcolm Granger only
  • Can engage ground and air targets
  • Shoots down small missiles
  • Detect stealth
CNCG Stealth Fighter Cameo.png Stealth fighter General's Promotion (This was not required if playing as Malcolm Granger)
Gen1 Aurora Icons.png Aurora Strategy center
CNCGZH Aurora Alpha Cameo.png Aurora Alpha

Invincible when attacking

Upgrades provided

The American Air Field provided the following upgrades:

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Rocket Pods Icons.jpg Rocket Pods Upgrades all Comanches with rocket pods, which are devastating to groups of units
ZH Countermeasures Icons.png Countermeasures
  • In the latter stages of the conflict all USA aircraft were able to be upgraded with Countermeasures, improving their chance against enemy anti-aircraft attacks (in particular missiles)
  • Zero Hour only
ZH Bunker Busters Icons.jpg Bunker Busters
  • Made available to Stealth fighters later in the conflict, following the vast deployment of GLA Tunnel Networks. Bunker Busters were not only capable of eliminating infantry garrisoned in buildings, but also clearing out Tunnel Networks
  • Zero Hour only
Gen1 Laser-Guided Missiles Icons.gif Laser-Guided Missiles Improved the accuracy of the Raptor's / King Raptor's and Stealth fighter's missiles, and thus generally increased the damage done by 25%
ZH Stealth Comanche Upgrade Icons.jpg Stealth Comanche Upgrade


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