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The supply center is the processing center for supplies of American armies in Generals 1.


The building is intended as a supply drop site (beside the more exclusive supply drop zone), material processing center, and supply storage facility. As with the Chinese and GLA counterpart, the structure can be used to call in additional Chinooks (Combat Chinooks in the case of General Malcolm Granger).

The building is capable of storing a large amount (if not unlimited) of materials. Materials gained from paradropped supplies are also stored here. The structure may cater supply trucks and friendly GLA workers.

Due to its standardized management system (that include cheap but less secured software) it is susceptible to sabotage and hacking to retransfer some of stored supply for embezzlement.


ZH Supply Lines Icons.png The Supply Lines upgrade at the Strategy Center increases profit generated by the center by 10%.
Chinooks still gather $600, but each delivery generates an additional $60

Game building

The center costs $2000, and comes with a single Chinook (or Combat Chinook in Malcolm Granger 's case) with the ability to call more.

Chinooks gather supplies with a net and bring the goods back to the Supply Center, giving $600 with each trip.

The Supply Center is vulnerable to Black Lotus/Super Lotus who can steal money from the Supply Center, as well as the Chinese Cash Hack.

Produced aircraft

Icon Building Requirements Ability
Gen1 Chinook Icons.jpg Chinook none
  • Collects supplies
  • Transport
  • Combat Drop
ZH Combat Chinook Icons.jpg Combat Chinook
  • Collects supplies
  • Transport
  • Combat Drop

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