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War Factories were structures assembled on the battlefield by the USA and used to manufacture a large array of tanks and other vehicles.


USA War Factories are large, compact structures used to rapidly build and deploy vehicles directly onto the battlefield. They may also repair damaged vehicles.

Units produced

Icon Building Requirements Ability
Gen1 Ambulance Icons.png Ambulance none
  • Build drones
  • Clean Toxins
  • Heals infantry and vehicles
  • Immune to toxins and radiation
Gen1 Humvee Icons.png Humvee none

Build drones

ZH Sentry Drone Icons.png Sentry drone Zero Hour only
  • Stealth
  • Detect stealth
Gen1 Crusader Tank Icons.png Crusader tank USA only

Build drones

ZH Laser Tank Icons.jpg Laser tank Townes only

Build drones

Gen1 Paladin Tank Icons.png Paladin tank General's Promotion USA only
  • Build drones
  • Shooting missiles down
ZH Warlock Icons.png Microwave tank
  • Build drones
  • Disable buildings
  • Burn nearby infantry
  • Clear buildings garrisoned
Gen1 Tomahawk Launcher Icons.png Tomahawk launcher Strategy center

Build drones

ZH Avenger Icons.png Avenger
  • Build drones
  • Shoot down missiles and aircraft
  • Increase firing rate at the targeted unit

Upgrades available from the War Factory

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 TOW Missile Icons.png TOW Missile Added a TOW Missile launcher to every Humvee
ZH Sentry Drone Gun Icons.png Sentry drone gun



Some textures for an early American War Factory can be found in the game files.

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