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EotRS logo The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.
There is much to admire about the Dutch!
- Imperial Warrior

Amsterdam, capital and largest city of the Netherlands, is the place of the Empire's last major battle where the Allied Field Marshall, Robert Bingham made his last stand along with the Soviet survivors. It was the location of the FutureTech headquarters. The city was demolished in a desperate attempt by an experimental superweapon from Dr. Zelinsky, but it cannot survive the Imperial army that destroyed it.

The Battle of Amsterdam[]

The final Imperial mission, The Last Red Blossom Trembled takes place in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. The city holds the headquarters of the FutureTech Corporation , a major Allied defense contractor.

Over in Amsterdam, the Imperials scattered barrages and sent their forces over to destroy the Allied positions to win victory. The Imperial Commander destroyed the Allied VIP Bunker, killing Field Marshall Bingham and two of his commanders, the Futuretech Lab to kill Dr. Gregor Zelinsky and destroying his superweapon from launching until finally, the Imperials had won.

Areas of interest[]

  • Imperial Commander's base: After the allied outpost was cleared by the Empires best commando a base was established to do the ground and air assault.
  • Shinzo's base: After the Allied naval base was cleared a naval base was established to make a naval push on the allies.
  • Allied air base: With this airbase the imperials cannot use any air power in Amsterdam.
  • Proton colliders: two colliders stand ready to level the Imperial forces, but were ultimately destroyed.
  • Allied ground base: This base defends the Allied VIP bunker with their tanks and infantry.
  • Soviet base: This base defends the FutureTech facility with ground and air units.
  • Power plants: Without the power plants the Allied base defenses go offline.
  • FutureTech facility: The main target for the attacking imperials. It used a super weapon to destroy the city but this did not stop the empire from winning.

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