Andrews Air Force Base
Andrews AFB as seen by a scout drone
Andrews AFB as seen by a scout drone

Eastern Seaboard


North America


Low Tiberium contamination (2047)


Blue Zone



Appears in

Tiberium Wars

Andrews Air Force Base is a GDI airforce airbase on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States of America.


Located on a well defended plateau in a rural region of Maryland, it is one of the primary military bases for GDI aircraft, housing large numbers of A-15 Orcas and V-35 Ox transports. A garrison of ground vehicles and infantry were commissioned to protect the airbase from ground assaults. The base's air control tower provides key coordination for GDI aircraft throughout the whole Eastern Seaboard.

Storyline summary

Andrews AFB fell under attack from a Nod special forces unit in the opening stages of the Third Tiberium War, when numerous Shadow Teams infiltrated the perimeter while militants and Raider Buggies provided distraction by attacking the front entrance to the base. The base eventually fell, after losing most of its parked aircraft, crew and air traffic control tower. As a result, GDI temporarily had no air support to counter Nod's offensive. GDI later on took back the Blue Zones and all airfields in the region.

Areas of interest

GDI Base: Located north of Nods base these bases guard the airfields that maintain air support for GDI.

Nod base: This base builds infantry, raiders and later bikes to assault GDI.

GDI outpost: This base was destroyed so the MCV can move into the area.

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