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The Andrews Airforce Base is one of two primary GDI Airfields targeted by Nod after the beginning of a Third Tiberium War by destroying the Philadelphia and Goddard Space Center. The Brotherhood destroyed two Airfields to prevent them getting landed on key locations such as the White House (in Nod's third mission), the Hampton Roads Naval Base and Washington DC.


Fuel Depot

Before the taskforce destroyed this base preventing their own being constructed, enemy forces have two Barracks to train Rifleman Squads and a Power Plant to power up the small outpost. A fuel depot could be destroyed by Nod forces to alert the GDI presence and already start diversions on the eastern seaboard's region.


Several Watchtowers and Guardian Cannons blocked the way for Nod to destroy the two Airfields. A Power Plant powers up the defenses and was destroyed by a Shadow Team to shut down all base defenses. A Grenadier Squad can be seen near the crates as two Guardian APCs are near a building where GDI makes a V-35 Ox which one Nod soldier says they are blocking the road.

First Airfield

Two Barracks, an Airfield and two Anti-Air batteries are established at this sector. Nod Attack Bikes were called in at this location after an Air control tower was destroyed to ground Orcas and transports from moving across the region. One Power Plant was seen near the Barracks and Air control tower. Behind the location is another Airfield where Foxholes have defended the last Nod target.

Second Airfield

Some Foxholes completely defended the last base. A War Factory and Command Post are seen near the Airfield. This base consists two Barracks, two Anti-Air batteries and the Airfield along with Missile and Grenadier Squads and lastly, three Guardian APCs. Nod took them out quickly to reveal their victory at this Airfield as GDI tries to attack and recapture Langley Air Force Base during Nod's moral attack on the White House.

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