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Angola, officially the Republic of Angola, is a country in Southern Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east; its west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean and Luanda is its capital city.

Nod forces invaded Angola from Zaire after the assassination and destruction of both Wong Hu Chan and the Ion Cannon research in Cai Undo.


The Portuguese were present in some—mostly coastal—points of the territory of what is now Angola, from the 16th to the 19th century, interacting in diverse ways with the peoples that lived there. In the 19th century they slowly and hesitantly began to establish themselves in the interior. Angola as a Portuguese colony encompassing the present territory was not established before the end of the 19th century, and "effective occupation", as required by the Berlin Conference (1884) was achieved only by the 1920s. Independence was achieved in 1975, after a protracted liberation war.

First Tiberium War[]

Following the recapturing of Egypt, Nod forces began their two-pronged offensive into southern Africa. As one prong moved into Tanzania another prong moved into Angola. Suddenly Nod had an opportunity to strike at Wong Hu Chan research on Ion Cannon and additionally they had to do so before the GDI defense of Angola collapsed completely and he was evacuated.

Kane ordered a certain Nod commander to find and assassinate Wong Hu Chan, which Kane believed that Dr. Wong's death would halt the development of the satellite-based superweapon. Having assembled a group of soldiers and weaponry aimed at overwhelming GDI guards and killing the scientist, the commander went to the outskirts of Cai Undo in Angola where Wong Hu Chan's research center was located.

Fighting their way through the outskirts of Cai Undo, Nod forces reached the fortified base within which Wong Hu Chan's research facility was located. They faught their way inside but found that the GDI had destroyed the bridge to the river island on which his research center was located. So they made use of a Chinook helicopter to cross the river. Having done so they destroyed the facility, Wong Hu Chan, his entire research team and all their research.

The assassination was successful and research was perhaps set back, yet Wong Hu Chan had essentially completed his research already and other GDI scientists were soon able to finish his research and complete the development of the Ion Cannon, which would be used against Nod during the final stages of the First Tiberium War.

During Third Tiberium War, northwest and southwest Angola become Yellow zone while the rest become Red zone.


  • In an early screen cap, the population expendability was indicated as 3.2 million. This was later changed to 45% which would equate to 4,005,900 out of 8,902,000 people.

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